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A Unique Science Fiction Website!

November 2017

Have you considered yourself a sculptor, writer, film maker, reviewer, model builder, costume designer, cosplayer or artist in the science fiction or fantasy realm? I'd like to introduce you to a place where you can show off your talents and skills. A place where you can collaborate and coexist. A place where you can explore the possibilities of the sci-fi universe! [insert maniacal laughter here]


UniverseOfSciFi.com is a grass-roots, crowd-sourced science fiction portal created for all who love the science fiction genre. A place where you can dip your toes or go whole hog on your science fiction aspirations. I'd love for you to join the community!

Applied jQuery - the Site is Gone!

November 2017

Welcome to to my website! Some changes were long overdue, including shelving the old Applied jQuery website. Honestly the book is old enough to make the code deprecated (in favor of newer jQuery versions) and the website was more like a sales brochure than a useful resource.

This site is much more up-to-date and varied, though I do not add much content as often I should. You'll also see links to at least one pet project! I'll work harder to bring you more useful information and resources for your web site builds.

For those of you who kept AppliedjQuery.com bookmarked, bought the book and used the code resources...THANK YOU!

For those of you looking for the example code click here to download...

Putting It All Together: HTML, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL

August 2015

Now that we've gotten some PHP, JavaScript and MySQL under our belts it's time to put everything together to show how we can use AJAX to call a PHP script which runs some MySQL queries, returning data to PHP and subsequently to the web page via the AJAX response. We will be re-using some code from previous posts while modifying and adding code to the project to enhance things.


Proper Password Preparation with PHP

May 2015

Send me your raspberries now, I went for the alliteration in the title. It really should have been DeMystifying Password Hashing with PHP but I was in a funky mood when I started writing. The goal of this article is to show you how to properly use PHP's password_hash() and password_verify() functions while gaining an understanding of how they work. We'll combine the code used here with a PDO function created in a previous post, Demystifying PHP's Data Objects (PDO), to make our coding simpler and to avoid distraction. In addition we're not going to limit our user's passwords (it is a bad idea).


Building the Battlestar Galactica Classic Colonial Viper

April 2015

After watching Battlestar Galactica and some of Battlestar Galactica TOS I decided I wanted to build a Viper which would bridge the gap between the Mk I and the Mk II without making major changes to a Mk I. The single most noticeable difference between the two ships was the presence of reaction control thrusters. I chose Lt. Sheba's Viper to begin the experimental modifications.


Secuity Fail: Passwords Limitations Are So 1996

April 2015

Admit it. As a developer we have done more to contribute to the failure of our customer's and user's online security because we are too stubborn or lazy to handle passwords properly. Just look at some of the fruit of our labor:


Demystifying PHP's Data Objects (PDO)

April 2015

If you have been lurking around the PHP tag on StackOverflow or hanging out on the PHP-General mailing list you have no doubt seen the following, probably more than once:


The Basics of jQuery AJAX

April 2015

AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML) is a great tool but there is so much confusion about how to use it. In this tutorial I'll cover how to use jQuery's AJAX functionality in its most basic form. This basic form will get most developers through 90% of any project requirement. In later tutorials I'll cover advanced jQuery AJAX techniques.


Changes are coming!

Given my wide array of interests and hobbies combined with a desire to write more I have decided to expand a little and start writing about those subjects.

Perhaps once in a while I'll throw in just some life observations or explain my #HigginsForADay extremely miniature campaign on Twitter. (You're not following me on Twitter? You've got nothing to lose unless you're near your limit on folks you can follow.) Maybe next I'll go extremely detailed on setting up a Phone Gap application that will use BlueTooth to communicate with an Arduino device that is on-board of a 1/350th model of the Enterprise A that will be hanging in my office. You might see woodworking projects, disc golf outings, plastic model builds or whatever I'm thinking about at the moment.

I hope the articles/posts (coming soon to a blank space on the right side of the page) will be interesting and sometimes even informative. I look forward to seeing you here.

jQuery & jQuery UI Visual Quickstart Guide

jQuery is a popular JavaScript library that simplifies event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development. Even casual web designers, who create web pages for fun, want to add the latest cool effects to their sites, and jQuery--the fast, flexible JavaScript library--is a tool of choice. From visual effects, special controls, and Ajax made easy, the jQuery Visual QuickStart Guide will teach readers how to make the most of jQuery using the task-based, step-by-step, visual format they love. It's crammed with examples.

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jQuery & jQuery VQS - Code Download

Here is the code download for the new jQuery & jQuery Visual Quickstart Guide. If you have any issues, drop me a line and we'll get it sorted out! Thanks!

Click to download...

jQuery Mobile: Develop & Design

contributing author, technical editor

Covering the latest version of the jQuery Mobile Framework, jQuery Mobile: Develop and Design teaches readers step-by-step how to get started, how to write code, and ultimately how to create mobile websites using the jQuery Mobile framework. The book is hands-on, with code examples (with corresponding on-line demos) and activities throughout.

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Applied jQuery

My first book, Applied jQuery, teaches readers how to quickly start creating interactive widgets. The beautifully designed book offers practical techniques and provides lots of real-world advice and guidance on using jQuery in your web sites and web applications. It is a must read for beginning web developers!

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